Water-free dyeing & finishing

Textile finishing & dyeing are responsible for 20% of global water pollution & 3% of global carbon emissions.


The industry relies on outdated, water intensive processes that have not changed in hundreds of years.

The water-free manufacturing solution


Ausora utilises an advanced plasma coating process to produce durable and functional effects on fabrics.

This highly efficient process is completely water-free, producing no water discharge.

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Ausora harnesses the power of plasma

Ausora's unique shower plasma process generates plasma at atmospheric pressure using electricity and argon gas.
By delivering a minute amount of precursor chemistry to the plasma, Ausora systems can apply coatings with strong covalent bonds to a wide range of textiles including both natural and synthetic materials.

Providing a clean & efficient alternative

Ausora shower plasma compared to conventional finishing processes:


less water consumed


less polluted water discharge


less chemistry consumed


less energy used


We are developing a broad range of finishing & dyeing processes to deliver a sustainable future for textile manufacturing

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High performance functional finishing

Ausora's ultra-thin and highly durable plasma coatings and plasma composite coatings can produce a range of functional properties including:
  • Durable water repellency
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fire retardancy
  • Self cleaning
  • Anti-odour
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High efficiency dyeing

Using Ausora plasma treaments and plasma coatings, we are creating novel colouring solutions to revolutionise textile dyeing:
  • Pretreatments
  • Dye Fixation
  • Plasma Dyeing

We work with brands, manufacturers and other leading innovators around the world. Contact us to learn more.